Ellipse flat lashes
Ellipse flat lashes
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Ellipse flat lashes

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The lash type is flattened to look wider, however, weigh the same as a regular eyelashes, type. 0.18 flat lashes LOOK like a 0.20, but only weigh the same as a 0.18 lash. If your client wants the drama, but can't handle a thicker lash... flat lashes are for you!

Our Mixed Length Tray Includes: 8mm (1 row), 9mm (1 row), 10 mm (2 rows), 11mm (2 rows), 12mm (2 rows), 13mm (2 rows), 14mm (1 row), 15mm (1 row)

COLOUR: True Black
DIAMETERS: 0.15, 0.18

Each tray has 12 rows and over 3000 lashes per tray.

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