Natural heat bond volume 4D | 0.07
Natural heat bond volume 4D | 0.07
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Natural heat bond volume 4D | 0.07

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"Natural heat bond lashes" are made of synthetic mink lashes and nicely arranged in trays. Each tray has 12 lines and the fans are heat bonded. Selection is varied from 9mm - 15mm. If you are concerning or wish to remain healthy for your customers' lashes, this premium product is a wise choice.

  • Premade  heat bond volume fans consists of ultrathin and high quality lashes
  • Thickness 0.07
  • 12 lines,132 fans per tray, C and D Curl
  • Multi-length options from 9mm -15mm
  • Lightly attached to strip; easily picking up
  • Accelerate your time and provide your clients with a fluffy volume set!

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