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Loose premade fans 3D | 0.07 (Y-shaped fans)

Regular price $35.00 CAD $35.00 CAD Unit price per
  • Premade Volume fans in a box, 800-1000 fans per box
  • Consists of high-quality loose lashes, easy to pick up and apply
  • C and D Curl options
  • Thickness 0.07
  • Selection of 9mm-15mm length
  • Each box is one size and curl, NO MIX BOX
  • Light glue bonding at the bases, very lightweight.
  • Accelerate your time and support you to create a beautiful fluffy 3D set! 

P.S: You are a newcomer at our website, check the difference between many types of premade fans here: https://lashloungebyann.com/blogs/premade-fan-application/premade-fan-difference

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